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      Mounting Magnets

      Mounting Magnets are strong neodymium magnets that are set inside a steel cup.
      Part US customers called Round Base Magnets too.

      They include countersunk holes or threaded features that allow for mounting with standard hardware, as well as various hooks.

      The magnets are magnetized together with the casings to create a holding force that is significantly stronger than an individual magnet. We can easily attach hooks, knobs, PEMs or other fasteners to accommodate your specific holding requirements.

      Ring Pot Magnet

      PMYP-A, Round Attraction Magnet, Model A

      Round Base Mounting Magnets

      PMYP-B, Round Attraction Magnet, Model B

      Neodymium Mounting Magnets

      PMYP-C, Round Attraction Magnet, Model C

      Neodymium Pot Magnet

      PMYP-D, Round Attraction Magnet, Model D

      Pot Magnet with Hook

      PMYP-E, Round Attraction Magnet, Model E

      NdFeB Pot Magnet

      NdFeB Magnet with a steel casing Dimension: d12 x h13mm with hook in screw thread M3 Magnetized Direction: through 13mm
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