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2019-08-30 16:54:57

Application of Strong Magnets in Magnetic Material in Wireless Charging Technology

The main magnetic materials used in wireless charger are: NdFeB permanent magnet, NiZn ferrite thin magnetic disc, MnZn ferrite thin magnetic disc and flexible ferrite magnetic disc; various magnetic isolators made of soft magnetic ferrite material are used as the main components of wireless charging technology, and the inductive magnetic field and shielding coil are raised in wireless charging equipment. The role of interference. Wireless chargers require higher performance of soft magnetic ferrite materials, product size and reliability, and higher requirements of the receiving end.


Permanent magnet materials used in wireless charging system, on the one hand, enhance the magnetic flux between transmitting and receiving coils, improve transmission efficiency; on the other hand, as a positioning device between transmitting and receiving, it is convenient for terminal equipment to locate quickly and accurately. NdFeB permanent magnet material is widely used in small wireless charging equipment, and permanent magnet ferrite material can be used in large wireless charging equipment instead of NdFeB permanent magnet material to reduce costs.


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