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2020-06-18 09:56:12

Application of magnet in military field

Although the magnet is not a very important material for us, but do not underestimate its use and application range. The material of magnet must be known by all of us. We will not introduce it in detail here. Magnets are widely used in many fields, especially in military fields. Through the following elaboration, we will understand and know why magnets can have a wide range of use in the military field.


Magnetic materials are also widely used in military fields. For example, ordinary mines or mines can only explode when they touch the target, so their effect is limited. If magnetic sensors are installed on mines or mines, because tanks or warships are made of steel, when they are close to (without touching the target), the sensors can detect the change of magnetic field, which makes mines or mines explode and improves the lethality. In modern war, the right to control the air is one of the keys to win the battle. But the aircraft is easy to be detected by the enemy's radar in the process of flight, so it has a greater danger. In order to avoid the enemy radar's monitoring, a special magnetic material can be coated on the surface of the aircraft, which can absorb the electromagnetic wave emitted by the radar, so that only a few electromagnetic waves are reflected when the radar electromagnetic wave touches the aircraft, so the enemy radar can't detect the radar echo and can't find the aircraft, which makes the aircraft achieve the purpose of stealth. This is the famous "stealth plane". Stealth technology is a hot spot in the field of military research in the world. The U.S. F117 stealth fighter is an example of the successful use of stealth technology.


In the "Star Wars" plan of the United States, there is a new type of weapon "electromagnetic weapon" development and research. The traditional artillery is to use the thrust generated by the instant expansion of ammunition to accelerate the shell and push it out of the chamber. The electromagnetic gun puts the shell in the solenoid and energizes the solenoid. Then the magnetic field generated by the solenoid will generate a huge driving force for the shell and shoot the shell out. This is the so-called electromagnetic gun. Similarly, there are electromagnetic missiles and so on.

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