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2019-09-23 13:39:49

Degaussing Method of Strong Magnets

Strong magnets can be magnetized and demagnetized, because the magnet itself is or will bring some magnetic tape, so we can formulate a certain method of demagnetization according to the use of strong magnets.


Vibration demagnetization:


The operation of this method is very simple, that is, the strong magnet is subjected to intense vibration. After the vibration operation, the structure of the magnet has changed. Only a small amount of demagnetization can be used temporarily.


High temperature demagnetization:


The main operation is to throw the magnet into the high temperature furnace for heating. After high temperature treatment, the magnetic strip of the strong magnet will be removed. Therefore, this method of demagnetization is generally used for the magnet for reimbursement and purchase.


Magnetite AC demagnetization:


This method of demagnetization is that the magnet is put into the space that can produce alternating current electromagnetic field. After the alternating current electromagnetic field is dried, the internal structure of the magnet will be disordered, and then the demagnetization effect can be achieved.


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