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2019-08-23 15:22:39

Harbin University of Technology has developed the lightest magnetoelastic material in the world

Recently, a new intelligent graphene aerogel material has been developed by the research group of Professor Li Hui of the Civil Engineering College of Harbin Institute of Technology. The material is the lightest magnetoelastomer material currently reported in the world and can be widely applied in many fields. Relevant research results were recently published in the International Journal ACS Nano, with an impact factor of 12.03 in 2014. Xu Xiang, a member of the research group and a young teacher, is the first author, Professor Li Hui is the co-author, and Harbin Institute of Technology is the first signatory.


At present, researches on graphene aerogels mainly focus on mechanical compression, electrical conductivity, electrochemical catalysis and adsorption properties. Few studies have been done on the controllability, driving and dynamic response of graphene aerogels under external excitation such as electric field and magnetic field. Professor Li Hui's research team adopted the improved hydrothermal method, and through the in-situ deposition of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in the process of self-assembly of large graphene oxide, the intelligent properties of graphene aerogels, such as the recoverable large deformation and piezoresistive effect induced by external directional magnetic field, were first studied and realized. The aerogel material provides a new idea for the research of magnetoelastomer materials. The material can be widely used in self-sensing flexible actuators, micro-nano switches, valves, remote control absorption of oil and heavy metal ions, and energy storage and dissipation.


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