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2019-09-06 10:24:29

How powerful a small magnet can be for your car!

Metal particles with large particle size and hardness are one of the most important hazards to damage engine. They are the main culprits of scratching cylinder walls and increasing metal oxides in engine oil, which lead to the increase of oxidation, acidity and corrosiveness of engine oil. Limestone gravel is another important hazard. It can be solved by changing duty to blow and air filter, and changing oil filter and air filter must change quality.


For metal particles with large particle size and hardness, a strong magnet can be used to absorb metal debris on the oil filter, and then magnetize the oil. Strong magnet can be used in the scrap hard disk of the return magnet, magnet magnetism is strong; every time the oil filter is changed, it can not be dismantled. Machine filter itself is used to collect dirty and clean oil. There are magnets in the oil discharging screw of oil pan, but the magnetism is weak. Nevertheless, when discharging waste oil, a large number of metal particles can be seen on it.


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