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2019-11-18 14:22:18

How to make the special-shaped strong magnet magnetic isolation?

As long as the material can be adsorbed on the special-shaped strong magnet, it can achieve the effect of distance magnetic field, and the thicker the material, the better the effect of magnetic separation. At present, the high-power magnets are rare earth magnets, and neodymium iron boron is a very powerful magnet. But in the environment above 200 ℃, SmCo is a powerful magnet.


The special-shaped strong magnet, should be called magnet, English magnet, the magnet is now divided into two main categories, one is soft magnetic, one is hard magnetic;


Soft magnet includes silicon steel sheet and soft strong magnet core; hard magnet includes aluminum nickel cobalt, samarium cobalt, ferrite and neodymium iron boron. In the meantime, samarium cobalt magnetic steel is expensive, ferrite magnetic steel is cheap, neodymium iron boron magnetic steel is high in function, but the function is stable, and aluminum nickel cobalt magnetic steel is temperature coefficient. Users can select different hard magnetic products according to different needs.


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