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Neodymium iron boron tile can ferrite tile be perforated?

Yes, all of them can be drilled. The above figure shows a Nd-Fe-B arc-shaped magnet with countersunk holes. If you need this perforated tile magnet, you can contact us.


Magnetic tile drilling needs certain technology and equipment, otherwise it is easy to crack. It is reported that magnetic tile drilling is completed by drilling machine equipment and professional technicians.

It is a strong magnet manufacturer of NdFeB, which integrates production and sales. It not only achieves direct sales, but also ensures the service. Magnet products are widely used in all kinds of loudspeakers, motors, communication equipment, toys, DC motors, household appliances, medical devices, aerospace, measuring instruments, electronic clocks, hardware tools and other fields.


Our company can produce various brands of NdFeB magnets, as follows:

N35 N38 N40 n42 N45 N48 N50 n52 working temperature 80 ℃

35m 38m 40m 42m 45m 48m 50m working temperature 100 ℃

33H 35h 38h 40H 42h 45h 48h working temperature 120 ℃

30sh 33sh 35sh 38sh 40SH 42sh working temperature 150 ℃

30uh 33uh 35uh 38uh 40uh operating temperature 180 degrees

30eh 33eh 35eh 38eh working temperature 200 ℃

30ah 33ah 35ah operating temperature 230 degrees

33, 35, 38, 40, 42, etc. are large magnetic energy products.

The large magnetic energy product of N33 NdFeB material is about 33 mgoe;

The large magnetic energy product of N35 NdFeB material is about 35mgoe;

The large magnetic energy product of N40 NdFeB material is about 40 mgoe.

The conversion of mgoe and Ka / m3 is 1mgoe = 7.958kj/m3, which is about 8kj / m3, that is to say, the large magnetic energy product of N40 is about 320kj / m3.

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