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Large Disc Magnet

Strongest Disc Magnet
Our Given its holding power of 50 kg, one must naturally take extra care when handling these. With a diameter of 4,5-7 cm,  this magnet hardly looks suspicious.  Ah, but looks can be deceiving! Once in contact with a thick piece of metal, this magnet is nearly impossible to remove again. Paperclips and nails - even at a 8 cm distance - cannot withstand the pull!

 15.jpg25.jpg  30.jpg
 NdFeB, N35, D45*15 mm, Ni Coating NdFeB, N35, D45*25 mm, Ni Coating 
NdFeB, N35, D45*30 mm, Ni Coating 
50-20.jpg  50-30.jpg 55-25.jpg
NdFeB, N35, D50*20 mm, Ni Coating NdFeB, N35, D50*30 mm, Ni Coating NdFeB, N35, D55*25 mm, Ni Coating 
 60-30.jpg 70-30.jpg70-40.jpg 
NdFeB, N35, D60*30 mm, Ni Coating NdFeB, N35, D70*30 mm, Ni Coating
NdFeB, N35, D70*40 mm, Ni Coating 
NdFeB, N35, D70*50 mm, Ni Coating   

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