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Neodymium Block Magnets

NdFeB Block Magnets
Block Size of Neodymium Magnets. Widely used in Magnetic Separator, relay and switch! The following items are the relative products of the NdFeB Block Magnets, you can quickly find the through the list.

Block magnets can magnetized through every surfaces! Most have north and south poles on the two largest surfaces.

Product Specifications:
1. Neodymium Block Magnets with different grades of: N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50, N52(M, H, SH, UH, EH) etc.
2. Working temperature for Neodymium Block Magnets: from 80 centigrades to 230 centigrades.
3. Can be magnetized according to the requirements of clients.(thickness, diameter, Multi-poles...)
4. Coatings: Ni, Zn, Ni-Cu-Ni, Epoxy, Gold, Silver, Cu and so on(as per the requirements).
5. NdFeB magnet has super strong magnetic force and high intrinsic coercive force.
6. With precise tolerance.

1. Original manufacture
2. Reasonable in price and good in quality
3. Wide range
4. High capacity
5. On-time delivery


(1) Small Block 5x4x1 mm
Dimension: 5x4x1mm 
NdFeB Magnet in 44SH (1.36 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 1mm
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 150°C


(2) Medium Block 20 x 20 x 5 mm
Dimension: 20x20x5mm 
NdFeB Magnet in 42H (1.33 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 5 mm
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 120°C


(3) Big Block 80x40x10 mm
Dimension: 80x40x10mm
NdFeB Magnet in N42 (1.32 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 10mm
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 80°C


(4) Large Block 150x100x15 mm Dimension: 150x100x15mm
NdFeB Magnet in N40 (1.29 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 15mm
Coating: Nickel

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