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Neodymium Ring Magnets

Neodymium ring magnets are being designed into a new generation of motors, generators, hydraulic cylinders, pumps & sensors. They also remain popular in high end loud speakers & high intensity separators.

1. Excellent temperature stability
2. Strong corrosion resistance
3. High residual induction
4. Relatively high energies characterize
5. Standard tolerance

1. Good Quality: Our NdFeB permanent magnets has highly consistent magnetic property and high temperature resistance, particularly suitable for all kinds of motors, electrical machinery, electronic acoustic devices, microwave communication, computer peripheral equipment, etc. Meanwhile, We can also supply products with good ratio of price to performance to cater for customers' purposes in home appliances, craft, etc.
2. Leading Technology: We keep continuous technical innovation.
3. Good Credit Standing: We enjoy good reputation in domestic market and international market. We cooperate with our customers under the strict direction of negotiation and contract.
4. Good Service: We can response you at the first time. Even we have special online service for international market.

Please contact us if you are interested in our magnets.
We will check the email everyday. And we assure you that your inquiry will receive our immediate attention.

Small Ring Magnets

(1) Small ring 6 -2.6 x 2mm
Dimension: D6xd2.6x2mm NdFeB Magnet in N35 (1.21 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 2mm (axial)
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 80°C

Medium Neodymium Ring Magnets

(2) Medium Ring 10 - 5x 5mm Epoxy
Dimension: D10xd5x5mm 
NdFeB Magnet in N42SH (1.33 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 5mm (axial)
Coating: Epoxy black
Max. Operating Temperature: 150°C

Big Ring Magnets

(3) Big Ring 40 - 15 x 8mm diametral
Dimension: D40xd15x8mm 
NdFeB Magnet in N35UH(1.22 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 40mm (diameter)
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 180°C

NdFeB Ring Magnet

(4) Ring 26.75 - 16x 5mm
Dimension: D26.75xd16x5mm 
NdFeB Magnet in N42(1.33Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 5mm 
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 180°C

NdFeB Ring Magnet with chamfering

(5) Ring 12 - 4.2 x 8mm with chamfering
Dimension: D12xd4.2x8mm 
chamfering for a Screw (type M4 d8x4mm)
NdFeB Magnet in N40 (1.29 Tesla)
Magnetized Direction: through 8mm (axial) 
Southpol by the side of the screw head
Coating: Nickel 
Max. Operating Temperature: 80°C

NdFeB Ring Magnet

(6)Ring 15 - 10.6 x 1 mm
Dimension: D15-d10.6x1mm / Volume: 88mm?
NdFeB Magnet in N35EH (1.22 Tesla)
Magnetized in pair 
each side with north and south pole 
Magnetized Direction: through 1mm
Coating: Nickel
Max. Operating Temperature: 200°C

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